Economists seem to agree that folks are ready to travel and have fun this summer.

Have you heard people call 2021 “twenty-twenty fun”? Some predict the 2020’s will have a roaring twenties vibe as we “roar” back from our COVID non-adventures and the re-opening of our country and the world.It seems like everyone is looking forward to summer this year! Most of our country, and even a lot of the world, will be open for business and fun. So what do the business experts predict will be the spending habits and the “hot” purchase areas this summer? Even more important, what are our smart clients doing to be prepared?
Nemberala Beach Resort recently hired SDA to build a brand new website for them. The website is beautiful to look at and functions great. They are ready! Book your trip today.

Some predict spending will go up 10%. reports this would be the highest spending hike in America since 1946. It’s good news fellow business owners, isn’t it? So what about your business? If your business isn’t specifically in a travel or entertainment-type industry does that mean you’re left out in the cold (again)? The answer is no, no, and no.
Every business relies on other supporting businesses to keep going. Maybe you’re a paint contractor. Your business might benefit from the many restaurants sprucing up their décor and spaces to entice new customers. Or, like one of our clients, Stonehill Produce, who supplies (amazing) avocados to the food and restaurant industry, their produce is in high demand. Stonehill has a beautiful, up-to-date, fully functioning website which SDA produced and continues to maintain. And now they have contracted with SDA to produce an informative promotional video—talk about good marketing!
If you’re not feeling the love, why not take inventory of your products and services and see where you could jump on the bandwagon?

LoveMoney published an informative blog of other industries that they predict will boom post-coronavirus. Let’s take a look at some of those.
1. The more obvious categories, personal protective equipment, is here to stay in a big way.
2. Cleaning supplies, along with paper goods used for cleaning and personal hygiene, are in high demand. And as we get back to recycling and earth-friendly practices, these sustainable paper brands will be in even higher demand. Our client, Nimbus Eco, has done a complete branding update and overhaul, along with a new e-commerce website and new products. Way to go!
3. Buying groceries and meals will continue to respond to creative options for preparation, purchasing, and delivery. This SDA client, The Toss, was forced to close during lockdown, and as they slowly opened back up they added outdoor seating and hired SDA to re-do their website to include online ordering. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! Today they are open and serving their community, utilizing technology to aid them while keeping their creative menu items and client base a priority.
4. Also in the obvious column is online meeting platforms and work-from-home supports. An interesting extension of these platforms would include online dating apps, teaching platforms, exercise platforms, entertainment streaming, and even remote medical options. If you’re in these industries you will want your website to perform at top level.
5. Electric cars and bikes have seen a huge spike in sales along with gardening hobbyists.
6. Toys! Sales of toys have spiked 16% with a 37% increase in the purchase of puzzles and games.
7. Books! Folks are buying the real deal: the printed, bound kind that you can carry anywhere and pass along once you’re finished.
8. Legal services and cybersecurity have grown as a result of the above increases and supports our tumbledown theory.
Maybe what we’re most curious about is not just how spending habits are morphing, but how work and lifestyle habits will permanently be changed. Don’t you wonder? Will people stay home more? Cook at home more? Slow down and plan less? It was a frantic pace pre-covid. It’s going to take a while to figure all this out, so in the meantime we’ve got solid advice for you.
• Stay focused. Run your business like everyone’s livelihood on your team depends on it (which it does).
• Fix what’s broken. From paperwork to paint, evaluate what’s good and what needs attention.
• Be creative. Look for business opportunities in the trends above.
• Follow the leaders. Start with your industry. What are your successful competitors doing?
• Market your business. We can help you with this one! Check out this Marketing To-Do List we created for you.
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