Our view is GREAT. Most days, we’re able to open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air and sea breezes. The coastline offers some entertaining viewing. A variety pack of characters tend to hang out on the coast. This summer we have had a birdseye view of the amazing amount of shark sightings along with helicopters and crews trying to tag them. Public safety being number one. It’s been important to ensure the beach goers don’t end up on the “men in Blue” menu.

One of the first signs of summer around here is the smell of fire pits and burning wood when we go out to our cars at the end of the day. Soon after, with tourists arrival and school’s summer dismissal, the number of visitors to our little slice of earth swells considerably. Not just out on the beaches, but in our own parking lot here on PCH, it’s bustling.

It’s no surprise that as summer vacation wanes and folks return to their own homes and routines, we notice another signal of the season. Our parking lot here at Capistrano Surf Center suddenly empties out. There’s a “camp is over for the summer” feeling here.

Farewell Summer

September finishes off the summer.The students go  back to school.  September completes the third quarter of the business year.  Want to finish the year with a strong Q-4? We have a few suggestions that will help. Take a look.

The Six “Musts” of Your Business Marketing Plan

  1. A strong logo, informative, appealing business cards and stationary- essentially all of your collateral materials
  2. Update your website, or maybe it’s time to start a new one
  3. Social media marketing, are you utilizing this “here to stay” tool?
  4. E mail marketing: a simple blast can put you in front of new and forgotten customers
  5. Printed materials: print is on a come back. With so much digitizing of our communications, printed brochures, catalogs, posters etc. really make your products stand out from the rest
  6. Video is really a strong marketing tool, SDA will partner with you from start to finish

From small  to large projects SDA Creative has been delivering quality marketing projects to our clients for 22 years now!  There’s so many new options on the marketing menu in 2017. We’ve grown with the options and are ready to assist or completely handle your marketing needs.  Sit down with us and let’s talk about your unique companies pathway to successfully marketing your product, service and business.


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